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We spend a considerate amount of time at the workplace.  It is only a matter of time before we get injured at work.  Most times this is something small and innocuous, but other times it could result in serious personal injuries or wrongful death.  According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over 2.8 million workplace injuries or related illnesses in the United States each year.  Of these, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports that there were over 5,300 worker deaths.  Specifically in New Jersey, there are over 69,000 nonfatal workplace injuries and related illnesses each year, with approximately 83 additional fatalities.  Individuals hurt due to a workplace accident should ask our work accident lawyer in New Jersey for help.

With over 30 years of representing personal injury victims in New Jersey, our experienced work accident lawyer at the Law Office of John Allegra is the advocate that injured workers need. If you have been injured in an accident at work, we are committed to justice and getting the compensation you deserve for medical bills, lost wages, and of course pain and suffering.  Learn how we can help protect your rights to compensation during a FREE consultation with our compassionate and skilled lawyer.  We offer a no-win, no-fee guarantee which means we only get paid after you get paid in a settlement, court verdict, or arbitration award.

The Types of Workplace Injuries

Although many people may believe that a workplace injury has to be a physical injury such as a broken bone or significant laceration, this is not always the case.  Some personal injuries could be related to illnesses due to a work environment.  Other injuries could be repetitive use or prolonged exposure damages.  Oftentimes the worst types of injuries could be those related to a disease caused by the nature of the employment, such as the repeated use of chemicals that could result in lung cancer.

Any type of adverse health condition, whether it is an “acute” and traumatic injury or a “chronic” and long-term injury could be compensated under New Jersey law if the employer owed a duty to the worker, breached that duty, and the breach caused damages to the employee.

Employers Owe Workers a Duty of Care

All employers owe workers certain non-delegable rights.  This includes providing a safe working environment free from hazardous or dangerous defects.  These defects could be broken stairs or tiles, snow and ice, or other physical traits of a building.  Employers need to ensure that workers are protected from physical harm in their environment.  

Employers must also ensure a workplace is free of other types of defects relating to the physical nature of the premises.  This includes defects and hazardous conditions like the presence of asbestos, mold, lead, harsh chemicals, and other dangerous substances.  Employers must check for these defects and make their premises reasonably safe for workers.

Some other larger duties owed by employers include the following:

Providing Proper Safety Equipment

In addition to these defects, employers also need to ensure that the tasks employees are performing are reasonably safe.  This can be achieved by providing proper safety equipment and gear to workers.  For instance, workers using harsh chemicals need to be given breathing masks or ventilators to prevent exposure to the chemicals that could damage their lungs over time.  Construction workers need to be given hardhats and safety equipment such as ropes, harnesses, scaffolding, and other fall-risk safety equipment.  The failure to provide these types of equipment and many others could result in liability.

Proper Training and Supervision

Employers in many different fields are obligated to ensure that their employees are properly trained and supervised.  This is particularly true in industries that are very risky like construction, trucking, manufacturing, and other dangerous jobs.  When workplace accidents cause serious injuries due to a lack of training and supervision, employees may be entitled to compensation.

Common Workplace Accidents

Individuals can be injured in many different ways at their place or employment.  Our workplace accident lawyer in NJ at The Law Offices of John Allegra has handled many different types of injury cases, including some of the following:

  • Chemical exposure cases – Whether it is etching acid, powerful cleaners, or even concentrated ingredients in food manufacturing, workers hurt by these types of chemical exposures may be entitled to compensation for their medical bills and lost wages.  If the injuries were caused by a third party, they may be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering too.  
  • Construction site accidents – Although all construction sites start orderly, once various subcontractors begin to come on and off of a job site, things can quickly get chaotic.  Many individuals who are hurt in construction site accidents can suffer very serious injuries that are debilitating and long-lasting.  Some of the worst types of accidents include falling from a height, getting hit by falling debris, crushed, vehicle accidents, and other types of injury-causing incidents.
  • Crane accidents – Both a hazard on and off of construction sites, crane accidents can result in personal injuries to both the operators of the vehicle and innocent people around it.  In fact, people that are well-outside the construction site can still be seriously injured or wrongfully killed by a crane accident due to the negligence of another.  But most times it is another worker near the site that is injured in a workplace accident.
  • Electrocution accidents – Many causes of electrocution injuries or deaths are due to simple and absent-minded mistakes.  This means that these types of workplace incidents are usually preventable.  Victims and their families may be entitled to compensation with the help of our workplace accident lawyer in NJ.
  • Industrial accidents – Fatal industrial accidents make the news quite often, especially during large manufacturing projects.  This is because of the sheer danger involved in these businesses that result in horrifying accidents.  Oftentimes nonfatal accidents do not make the news, but many employees hurt in these types of incidents suffer catastrophic injuries such as spinal cord paralysis, traumatic brain damage, amputations, and other life-changing injuries.
  • Scaffolding accidents – Workplace accidents including scaffolding in New Jersey can result in some of the worst brain injuries and spinal cord injuries.  Many times workers will never recover from these types of injuries and may be entitled to significant compensation.  Whether it is a painter, roofer, construction laborer, or any other type of professional using scaffolding, ask the Law Offices of John Allegra for help.

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The sad truth is that most workplace injuries and illnesses could be avoided with the proper supervision, training, care, and attention of an employer.  This means that most injured workers suffer needless harm due to their employer’s negligence or OSHA violations.  Other times workers are injured by a third-party’s negligence.  The difference is important and could affect or limit your compensation through either workers’ compensation only or through a third-party claim.  A mistake in filling out a claim could completely bar your recovery.

Do not try to navigate this alone.  Ask our experienced workplace accident lawyer in New Jersey at the Law Office of John Allegra for help today.  We offer FREE evaluations and have more than 30 years of experience reviewing and handling cases for victims of workplace accidents in New Jersey.  We do not charge anything upfront and only get paid when you get paid in a settlement or verdict.  

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